Vendini: Event Manager

My role: Senior UX/UI Designer

The Idea

Vendini's Event Manager is an existing section of Vendini Member Home, where Vendini customers go to administer all aspects of their business. This project was an enhancement, adding a more granular ability to control seat inventory at a performance venue.

Inventory control enables the following:

  • Available for sale: Seats can be designated for sale or not for sale on a seat-by-seat basis.
  • Holds: Individual seats can be put on hold by the venue or individual agents, and released for sale based on user permissions.
  • Scaling: Seat scaling refers to the practice of setting individual prices for certain seats, overriding the pricing assigned to the section. For example, while the orchestra pit may be priced at $100/seat, the front row might go for $120/seat due to demand.


The Challenges

Distinguishing between 3 attributes

Research showed that members were likely to handle seat availability, holds and scaling as separate functions. While these all occur on the same seating map, they needed to be divided into separate states so the user could focus on one and not be distracted by the others.

State Awareness

The user needs to know the properties of each seat, whether it's for sale and if a hold or scaling ahs been applied. We accomplished this by displaying seats in different states, based on which function was being accessed. Additionally, seats that are selected can be modified; we needed to clearly show which seats are selected in order to make modification seamless.

Show Summary Data

In addition to showing the properties of each seat on a seat map, we needed to show summary data. How many seats are currently available versus sold? How many holds have been placed and by whom? What scaling has been applied. We accomplished this via an extensible table appearing below the seat map.


Final Designs

Adding to an existing design

Our requirements were to add this functionality to a product that had already been designed, without doing a complete redesign. Below I show which part of the design I provided versus what was legacy.

Choosing a Section

Showing Inventory

This view provides the user an overview of what's sold, what's available and and what's not for sale. Note: The color treatment of individual seats is displayed via tool tip.

Showing and Modifying Holds

Showing and Modifying Seat Scaling