Kaiser Permanente: mobilecare

My role: Senior UX Designer

The Idea

Note: This project began as The Permanente Medical Group's mobile app (called MobileCare) before being adopted by the larger Kaiser Permanente organization for all of its Northern Californian members (now called KP Prevention).

For the first ever mobile app available to Kaiser members, The Permanente Medical Group identified the key areas of functionality they would like delivered to members in a mobile context. These were:

  • Reviewing, rescheduling and canceling appointments
  • Receiving prompts for routine tests, vaccinations and checkups
  • Getting directions to any Northern California Kaiser faility
  • Receiving health tips
  • Managing all of the above for dependents such as children or elderly family members


The Challenges


Protected health information floating around on mobile devices represents a large security risk. To minimize this risk, an extensive authentication and verification process was required.

Managing Multiple Profiles

Presenting information and functionality not just for a single member but potentially a whole family involves an extra level of complexity. Clearly distinguishing one profile while adhering closely to the iOS design standard required some research and creativity.

Actionable Appointments

When viewing details about an upcoming appointment, including the name of the doctor, the date/time, and location (with a map), the primary calls to action needed to stand out and be accessible without any head scratching.

Skimmable Health Prompts

Can you quickly find out when you and your family will require your next vaccinations, mammogram or colonoscopy? Kaiser members are provided this information in an easily skimmable list that indicates which items are overdue, due soon or not required for some time.

Finding Facilities Quickly

Kaiser members needed to be able to locate Kaiser facilities quickly. This search would require filtering (what kind of facility) and location awareness (facilities near me). Once a facility is selected, driving instructions and a floorplan map are provided.

Providing Health Information

Patient education is key to good health. Kaiser members would be provided with health articles targeted to their demographic. This list of articles needed to be manageable and easily skimmable.


Final Designs

Note: This project took place before the global adoption of flat design.


Managing Appointments

Preventative Health Prompts

Kaiser Facilities

Health Tips