Vendini: Mobile Ticket Sales

My role: Senior UX Designer

The Idea

Buying a ticket for an event involves several decisions as the user decides what, when and where. We took a mobile-first approach to create a low-friction way to buy that next concert ticket while the user discusses it over dinner.


The Challenges

Multiple Decisions

Buying a ticket to a reserved-seating event involves many decisions. Which event? Which performance? How many people are going? Where do you want to sit? Which section and seat? Deciding all that can be complicated, especially on a tiny screen.

We presented each of these decision points individually, simplifying each one.

Making Changes

Once a user has made a particular decision — for example, choosing which performance they want to attend – the user is immediately forwarded onto the next decision. However, how do they go back and change their decision?

We chose to stack each of their decisions on a single scrolling page, scrolling down to the next decision and letting the user know that their past decisions were accessible by scrolling back up.

Choosing Seats

Event patrons tend to base their decision on where to sit based on location and price. Therefore, to simplify the decision, both of these data points are provided as they go.

Product Summary

Once the user has made all the decisions about their tickets, she needs to see a quick summary of all those decisions all on one screen.

Frictionless Checkout

Entering payment information on a phone can be onerous. We researched this problem extensively, comparing the approaches of several e-commerce systems, to help us devise a checkout system that involves very few taps and avoids long, complicated forms.


User Flow



Choosing the Performance Date

Choosing Quantity

Choosing Section and Seat

Note: The red header with "2:00" alerts the user that they have 2 minutes remaining to complete their purchase before their seats are released back for sale.

Order Summary


Donation Tip Jar

Some performance venues are non-profits and take donations. Some choose to ask for a quick donation before final order confirmation. We sought to make this as unobtrusive as possible.

Order Confirmation