Vendini: Patron Connect

My role: Senior UX Designer

The Idea

Vendini's venue customers had requested functionality to support deeper engagement with their high-value patrons. Importantly, their primary context of engagement would be at the venue on the night of a show. Being able to see who's at a given performance, to drill into a patron's data to determine if a contact should be made, and then assigning and logging that contact.

Initially designed for the iPad, Patron Connect also has an iPhone version.


The Challenges

Patron Lists

Reviewing a list of all patrons attending a given performance and finding the ones you want to talk to can be daunting, especially on a mobile device.

Assessing Patrons

Users need to go through a long list of patrons and assess individuals quickly. Therefore, the most important data about a patron — their total spend, sales ranking, and current purchases — needs to be accessible at a glance.

Logging Activities and Assigning Tasks

Where the rubber hits the road in any CRM application is where tasks are assigned and activities logged, as contacts are made. We researched several popular CRM applications, understanding the basic functionality before wrapping it in a seamless user experience.



Searching for and Reviewing Patrons

Logging Activity