Vendini: Patron Manager

My role: Senior UX Designer

The Idea

To support the array of new functionality provided by Patron Connect, we added several enhancements to Vendini's Member Admin. This included:

  • Powerful tools to search and filter large lists of patrons
  • Ability to combine patrons into Group and Households
  • Ability to log activities and assign tasks related to one or more patrons
  • Ability to assign tags to one or more patrons


The Challenges

State-Aware Filtering

Applying one or more of an extensible set of filters requires the user to be informed once filtering has been applied. We designed patron filters to clearly indicate when they're applied, and allow frictionless access to modify or remove them.

Simple UI, Complex Functionality

These new enhancements introduce a whole bevy of new functionality that can be applied to patrons. We needed to make this functionality easily accessible while not cluttering the UI. We chose to provide these functions contextually upon selection of one or more patrons. Furthermore, this contextual display is used to inform the user how the functions work. For example, two or more patrons most be selected in order for the Merge function (under Combine) to be active.



State-Aware Filtering

Contextual Functions


Final Designs