Vendini: Sales Spotlight

My role: Senior UX Designer

The Idea

Sales Spotlight is an iPhone app that provides venue managers with a 10,000' view of the sales performance of their events in an easily-skimmable format.


The Challenges

Extensible Application Scope

The scope of the MVP only reports on the financial performance of Events. However, Vendini's system accommodates much more, including Donations, Packages, Memberships and Gift Cards. To accommodate the eventual inclusion of these various products, we forwent the standard iOS tab bar navigation in favor of the hamburger menu on the left.

Skimmable Metrics

Our primary use case involved a scenario where a venue manager is away from his or her computer and wants up-to-the-minute reports on a given event. To provide skimmable metrics that provide valuable data, we created a long, scrolling screen made up of Metric Cards. The Metric Cards present large-format data points in an attractive layout, providing at-a-glance intel, with the ability to drill in deeper for greater detail.

Fast Navigation

A venue may be running a large number of events concurrently, but the venue manager is likely only interested in a small subset of these events. To enable the user to quickly navigate to the most relevant events, we created a default view that surfaces the next upcoming event, with past events tucked into a separate view. Additionally, we enabled Favoriting, allowing the user to set favorites which are available at all times via the main navigation.


Quite commonly, venues will rent out their spaces to 3rd party promoters and performance troops. In these cases, a venue manager may want to share the financial performance of a given event with external audiences. To satisfy this use case, we enabled sharing functionality via SMS or email, allowing external users to view shared data points via standard web browser.


Wireframes and Final Designs

Main Navigation, Favoriting and Sharing

Skimmable Metrics

Final Design: Skimmable Metrics

Individual Performance View

Final Design: Individual Performance View